Things that bring me joy: April 2019

coisas que me trazem alegria things that bring me joy

So I am reading “Hashtag Authentic”, by Sara Tasker. I am enjoying it more than I thought and will review it for sure.

One of the exercises she proposes is about paying attention to the little everyday things that give us joy. These small moments may sometimes be absent from our photos. We may tend to focus on the bigger milestone moments. But noticing them is the basis for being grateful (and having an authentic Instagram profile).

Here is a list of the tiny things that bring me joy “in my gut” right now:

  • A new book just about to be read
  • When both babies are safe and asleep and I’ve got half an hour to write (or sometimes shower)
  • A trip to be planned in the near future
  • Wearing hoop earrings
  • A pen that just slides through the paper
  • Fresh sheets that smell well
  • Sleeping without pyjamas
  • Photographing the exact moment I wanted to capture
  • Pastéis de nata and a coffee
  • Hydrated soft skin
  • Starting to wear spring/summer clothes
  • The possibility of buying almost an entire summer wardrobe for less than 100€ courtesy of Primark
  • Readings stories with my daughter
  • When my daughter wakes up and says “good morning, mum”
  • Walking outside with just enough warm wind
  • When I organize a tiny part of our house, like a kitchen drawer or the kids’ socks
  • Sushi dinners
  • Having ideas of things to do/write about
  • Watching the big tree regain its leaves from the kitchen window
  • Making lists
  • Completing tasks on my to do lists
  • When the sun is out

I think this might be a cool exercise if I do it every once in a while. I may even find out things that bring me joy that I had never considered. For instance, I never thought hoop earrings would be part of the joy list. But there you go.

I am off to buy some hoop earrings.

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