The first one: the story of my blog

the first blog post

Welcome to my blog


(or, as WordPress would say, “Hello, world!”)

This is my first post! The exclamation is legit; this blog is the beginning of a huge personal challenge and I hope that this rookie enthusiasm of mine can translate to the readers.

(who am I kidding? This post will be read by one or two people. Three at most. Four if I brag.)

I’m thirty years old and I am from Lisbon, Portugal. I am a reader, an aspiring writer, mother, wife, traveler, full-time worker.


E a menina?

Starting a blog is something that I should have done eight years ago, or something. Actually, I started three blogs before this one which never got to have published posts. Because then I didn’t have the time or some other idea would show up or I felt that I had no material for a blog, just for a diary.

Until I had a baby girls and turned thirty. That’s a confusing and exciting life stage for most women I know. We have grown-up concerns, challenges and interests. Some of us are married with children. We work full-time in demanding jobs with increasing responsabilities.

Despite that, if we go to a coffee shop, they still ask us “and for you, miss?” (“e a menina?” in Portuguese).

This feels weird and accurately reflects the ambiguity of this stage where many of us are. It started to look like an interesting umbrella under which to include a group of ideas and thoughts that I have.

I decided to commit to the blog.

For whom I will write

For everyone, of course. I don’t want to exclude readers, because I hope some of the content will be pretty universal.

But it is undeniable that I write first and foremost to women who are in the same life stage that I’m in. My point of view is that of a young woman (isn’t it weird to say “young woman”? Does anyone say “young man”?).

What I will write

When I started to tell people about starting a blog, the first thing everyone asked was “what’s it about?”.

I held myself to the “lifestyle blog” tag, so that I could speak of different subjects, mas some of them are dearest to me. The contents will reflect my interests and ideas.

Other names that I considered for this blog

I didn’t check if they are taken. So if they’re available, feel free.

  • Who Let The Thoughts Out?
  • Miss Thirty
  • Esferográfica
  • Read me

What I will do

I want the freedom of writing about whatever I feel is relevant at each moment, but I will say that many of the following topics will be in for sure:

–       Books

–       Working

–       Being a mother

–       Nora Ephron

I will write as I speak. This means that, in Portuguese, I may use words and phrases in English. This is out of laziness as well as informality in writing. I am an advocate for Portuguese expressions, but in some cases they don’t quite express what we want to say.

What I won’t do

I will not be a moralist, because who has the patience? I will not be condescending, because I hate when they do it to me.

Being a blogger

I don’t know enough about blogging, but I learn fast and challenge accepted.

The fact that I am new at this also means that I will blog my own way, starting from a blank slate.

Even before I begin, I can foresee the amount of work this takes, if it’s done well. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the bloggers who have been around longer and doing a good job.

My invitation

Let’s talk. If you like it, follow, share and comment!

I have a feeling this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

E a menina?

Também podes gostar