Summer holiday 2018: 5 things I want to do

férias de Verão summer holiday

I am almost starting my summer holiday. Which to me means Algarve. And sea, family, walks on the wet sand, zero makeup and flip-flops.

It’s such a wanted time, that part of me just wants to leave. Without agenda or watch. But the other part, the part that enjoys making lists and that uses the pauses to reorganize thoughts, has already defined goals.

Here are 5 things that thrill me planning this summer holiday period.

Reading Einstein’s biography by Walter Isaacson

I have been planning this for years. Einstein has always left really curious. Each time I read one of his quotes I remember this book. When I was on maternity leave, National Geographic aired a series about his life. But I ended up getting distracted and not watching any complete episode.

This biography in particular interests me a great deal, because I had already read his Steve Jobs’s bio. And it’s a great book. I thought it very impartial and very thorough. He presents every element needed for us to understand the subject, but he doesn’t provide any judgement. The reader takes the conclusions. And he writes interestingly, which helps. Joining biographer and biographee, I’m sure it will be a fascinating read.

Taking pictures of family holidays

Anything with the light of the end of the day and the sea behind. We all look better. And it’s memories that is always nice to revisit. Even more so this year, which is the first Summer with the baby really open-eyed. It’s the first time she’ll wear bathing suits and try the sea. And we are all together, relaxed, and by the end we are even tanned.

Summer holiday means grilled fish

Not all restaurants do it. But we go to this place where the fish is fished on the same day, it’s not frozen. And it tastes amazing. I have a book by Portuguese chef Sá Pessoa in which he says a fish that smells like fish is no longer fresh. In order to be fresh, it has to smell like the sea. And that’s how I imagine they smell, before being cooked. After that they just really taste like fish, with olive oil and vegetables or salad. Bliss.

Walking on the beach by the sea

I do it every year. It’s the thing that I enjoy the most to do at the beach. More than laying on a beach towel toasting. More than bolas de Berlim and even more than going for a swim. I prefer the tranquil walks, parallel to the sea,  charging my batteries.

It might seem silly. But since long I have believed that the steps I take on that wet sand, sometimes with water over my feet, are the source of energy for the rest of the year. It’s not just the legs that grow stronger, there’s some kind of phenomenon that occurs inside my head. Or spirit.

Stand-up paddle

SUP for you and me. I’ve been willing to try it for a few years. It seems a cool combo of exercise and leisure. But I have managed to always find an excuse. The water is really cold. Today is windy. This swimming suit is the right one. I’m fat (I don’t know why, but this sometimes works as an excuse for things). Wasting money on this? It’s for tourists. Etc.

Then Winter comes. And between nose blows I see one of my favourite celebrities in Hola magazine paddling in a placid, greenish sea. Next Summer, that’s it, I think.

So, just like the last 3 years, this is a goal for this year’s summer holiday.


These are my plans. When I return, we’ll see what I managed to do, but it feels good to leave with such nice goals.

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