Salvador Sobral: 3 + 3 reasons to admire him

Salvador Sobral

Salvador Sobral – Source: Facebook of the artist

I have liked Salvador Sobral from the beginning. I didn’t know him well. One interview here and there. A vague memory of his appearance in a talent show. His sister, Luísa Sobral. Up to 2 days ago, I knew little more than the song that won the Eurovision in 2017.

Salvador Sobral gave a great concert at the EDP Cool Jazz festival this year. I was lucky to have been there.I had a blast, despite the song set being almost a total surprise. For me, since I haven’t been following his career closely.

There are 3 qualities that I think anyone would recognise in Salvador Sobral:


I think what I most admire about him is the sense of freedom which emanates from him. Is he as free as he seems to be? Ricardo Araújo Pereira describes this attitude as “a certain I-don’t-give-a-f*ckism”. It must be so good to be so free. It’s so rare. I wish.


Salvador Sobral is a singing machine. In tune like a little bird, but more powerful and with a larger range (is that how it’s called?). He sings whatever is in front of him. His voice is unlike any other. It may sound feminine or masculine. Dry or mellow. The notes come out connected to one another, like in a rosary. Without that boring space in the middle, that sometimes comes up in other performers. It truly embraces us.


With him, one is never bored. Each show, each song, each line. What’s he gonna do with it? Not even he knows and it shows. Besides, he has a great sense of humour. It all comes down as genuine. And it entertains a hell of a lot.

To these, let’s say, universal reasons to like him, I add another 3 of my own:

Relationship with his sister

It always touched me to see the relationship he has with his sister, Luísa Sobral. Maybe because it reminds me of my own relationship with my brother. She is older, he described her as “super sensible, pragmatic”. He is the young, idealist one, trying to be the less compromised version of himself every day.

Pregnancy memories

Our baby was born in the end of May, 2017. For that reason, in the last months of pregnancy, I heard “Amar Pelos Dois” many times. In the beginning it was involuntarily. When I watched the Eurovision final I was converted. I used to sing the song to the baby before she was born. Even today, when she listens to the opening of the song, she stops whatever she’s doing. And she stares, as if it reminded her of something.

Courage (or attitude)

Here I wanted to explain how much I admire his attitude in the face of the health issues he has faced. But perhaps that’s not courage. We tend to classify as courage things that are part of other people’s way of being in face of circumstances. It doesn’t even occur to them not to act like that.

But if I had had a heart transplant, I would probably chicken out. And start living in fear. Eating just lettuce or almonds. Going to bed early. Taking my vitamins and doing medical exams. Controlling myself in everything. And what kind of life would that be?

Either way, Salvador Sobral is one of the most interesting personalities we have right now in Portugal. It’s good to have artists. I’ll keep on following his work.

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