Carolina Patrocínio and Kate Middleton: why all the drama?

Kate Middleton Carolina Patrocínio

Do you know Einstein’s definition of craziness which is doing always the same and still expect different results? It’s kind of like that the way in which we all have been reacting to the extraordinary just-right-after-only-few-hours-post-partum of Carolina Patrocínio and Kate Middleton.

Carolina Patrocínio was a mother and in the photographs taken at the hospital or leaving she looked just like she has always looked. And how many times have I heard over the last few weeks women repeating “Seven hours afterwards?! Seven hours later and she looks like that? In heels?” concerning Kate Middleton. And each one is on the third child.

How are there outraged women? Has someone imagined that Carolina Patrocínio would start displaying the cellulite she never had after the baby was born? Or that Kate would leave the maternity looking disheveled or carrying many bags?

This two new mums are professionals. Besides being, in all probability, genetically lucky. But there are a few issues which we should bear in mind before starting to mentally call them names.

It’s all relative 

Yes, Kate did look better in her red dress and heels than me in the last wedding we attended. But you could still spot the day-after-belly. She was perfect when compared to me, but “imperfect” when compared to her best. It adds up. Her uterus also has its timings.

Living of your appearance

Each one in her own way, but these women’s lives are largely dependent on their appearance. If I knew there would be a troupe of paparazzi outside the maternity, I probably would have applied some makeup. If I had 18% body fat I wouldn’t look so bloated. As we used to say in school, if my grandmother had wheels, she would be a bike.

Work out like Carolina Patrocínio

I follow her on Instagram so I know. She works out harder in a week than I did the entire last year. She does cardio and non-cardio, rain or shine, pregnant or not. She writes books about it. She applies a remarkable discipline which gets results. She had just a tiny belly and otherwise you could barely tell she was pregnant. After that, the only thing that happened was that the baby came out.

Having Kate Middleton’s team

Being rich or part of the royal family entitles you to have a team: hairdressers, makeup artists, stylists, personal trainers, nutritionists and maybe even a chef. The job of this experts is to make sure the public appearances, specially the more notorious ones, are prepared with time and detail. Do you have any idea of the look which one of us would have if a small company existed just to make us look good?


I know, I know. No, me neither. It’s OK… It’s OK. If any of them has another child, I think it’s better we all start to anticipate right away another epic comeback. E a menina?

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The first one: the story of my blog

the first blog post

Welcome to my blog


(or, as WordPress would say, “Hello, world!”)

This is my first post! The exclamation is legit; this blog is the beginning of a huge personal challenge and I hope that this rookie enthusiasm of mine can translate to the readers.

(who am I kidding? This post will be read by one or two people. Three at most. Four if I brag.)

I’m thirty years old and I am from Lisbon, Portugal. I am a reader, an aspiring writer, mother, wife, traveler, full-time worker.


E a menina?

Starting a blog is something that I should have done eight years ago, or something. Actually, I started three blogs before this one which never got to have published posts. Because then I didn’t have the time or some other idea would show up or I felt that I had no material for a blog, just for a diary.

Until I had a baby girls and turned thirty. That’s a confusing and exciting life stage for most women I know. We have grown-up concerns, challenges and interests. Some of us are married with children. We work full-time in demanding jobs with increasing responsabilities.

Despite that, if we go to a coffee shop, they still ask us “and for you, miss?” (“e a menina?” in Portuguese).

This feels weird and accurately reflects the ambiguity of this stage where many of us are. It started to look like an interesting umbrella under which to include a group of ideas and thoughts that I have.

I decided to commit to the blog.

For whom I will write

For everyone, of course. I don’t want to exclude readers, because I hope some of the content will be pretty universal.

But it is undeniable that I write first and foremost to women who are in the same life stage that I’m in. My point of view is that of a young woman (isn’t it weird to say “young woman”? Does anyone say “young man”?).

What I will write

When I started to tell people about starting a blog, the first thing everyone asked was “what’s it about?”.

I held myself to the “lifestyle blog” tag, so that I could speak of different subjects, mas some of them are dearest to me. The contents will reflect my interests and ideas.

Other names that I considered for this blog

I didn’t check if they are taken. So if they’re available, feel free.

  • Who Let The Thoughts Out?
  • Miss Thirty
  • Esferográfica
  • Read me

What I will do

I want the freedom of writing about whatever I feel is relevant at each moment, but I will say that many of the following topics will be in for sure:

–       Books

–       Working

–       Being a mother

–       Nora Ephron

I will write as I speak. This means that, in Portuguese, I may use words and phrases in English. This is out of laziness as well as informality in writing. I am an advocate for Portuguese expressions, but in some cases they don’t quite express what we want to say.

What I won’t do

I will not be a moralist, because who has the patience? I will not be condescending, because I hate when they do it to me.

Being a blogger

I don’t know enough about blogging, but I learn fast and challenge accepted.

The fact that I am new at this also means that I will blog my own way, starting from a blank slate.

Even before I begin, I can foresee the amount of work this takes, if it’s done well. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the bloggers who have been around longer and doing a good job.

My invitation

Let’s talk. If you like it, follow, share and comment!

I have a feeling this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

E a menina?

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