Breastfeeding and me: a love story

amamentação breastfeeding

Everyone has a breastfeeding story. Out of every moment related to the birth of a baby, nothing is as polemic as breastfeeding. It’s what everyone wants to know and only some of them are cheeky enough to ask. I know future moms who can make several claims about their unborn children: that they will be vegetarian, that […]

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Rushed parents, stressed children (Mário Cordeiro book review)

Mário Cordeiro pais apressados filhos stressados

Note: this post contains my free translations from the Portuguese edition of “Pais apressados, filhos stressados”, a book by Mário Cordeiro. First impressions “Pais apressados, filhos stressados” (Desassossego, 2019) seemed like the title of a lighter book, like a self-help thing. Still, it was written by Mário Cordeiro, who I find interesting. It’s a book […]

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