9 things all bloggers are doing (and should I?)

what the bloggers are doing

You just need to open any blog for women, not to mention Instagram. There they are. Being bloggers/influencers up to the utmost daily detail. Even their toilet paper seems to belong to some feed.

For those of us starting out, like me, it leaves you wondering. Should I also follow some of their examples? They are very successful.

Here are 9 things that the bloggers and influencers from my feeds are doing:

1. Eating avocado toasts

And not any old one. They are highly photogenic toasts, in vaguely rustic plates and in tables with floral arrangements. It looks good.

Should I? Nothing to lose.

2. Eating, in general

Tons of brunches, watermelons, sushi, macarons, ice cream, delicious local pastry, capuccinos, cotton candy, powdered protein, protein powder turned into pancakes, green juices. And other, more or less healthy, food. But always photogenic.

Should I? Hum. Better not.

3. Opening boxes of products

Generally cosmetic. But I’ve also seen it with food (granola, seeds, food suplements) and accessories. It’s such a strong trend that it has its own name: unboxing.

Should I? Meh.

4. Showcasing credits of bloggers photos

Even when they weren’t taken by professional photographers. Even when the photographer was their 16-month old daughter or the Grandpa, who doesn’t even know how to connect to the Internet. Photo by Kitty, the Cat.

Should I? Not for now. Unless it’s a professional photographer.

5. Highlighting the National Smile At Your PEt Day

I have no idea if this is a real thing, but it might. Regardless, every day is the day something is celebrated. Even if it’s the photo that I myself shared 3 years ago. You might as well point it out.

Should I? Why not? It’s a way of getting to know new ephemerides.

6. Taking photos from your exact point of view as you look down

You know? Those in which the legs in denim shorts show up, as seen from above. As the background for a bowl of oatmeal or a pack of serums (it that the correct plural?).

Should I? Only when I get so fit that my thighs don’t touch one another.

7. Having a tribe

I don’t have a tribe. That I know of. Unless my friends count, but I don’t think they do. I say this because none of them goes to music festivals wearing a bandana. And not one of them is a freelancer in a creative field. They probably aren’t even familiar with the “tribe” concept.

Should I? Yeah if they get me tickets to events!

8. Going to the gym

I know, I know. This was one of the good ones.

Should I? I should, I should.

9. Being solemn

Like Ricardo Araújo Pereira said, there are people who use social media as if they were representatives of the country. They express their pain for tragedies or congratulate celebrities for their achievements.

Should I? I don’t want the pressure of missing some important landmark!


Anyway, what would we be without our favourite bloggers? I’m still following.

E a menina?

Também podes gostar