35 things to do before turning 35: a bucket list

bucket list até aos 35 anos bucket list until I'm 35

35 before 35

Ah… a bucket list! Why are they so addictive? I don’t know. But sometimes I find myself doodling this kind of things on a notebook. This is my bucket list until I’m 35.

I used to have a list of things to do before turning 30. Then I turned 30. Then 31. Some of them got delayed and others just don’t make sense anymore. But I mean I feel so young. And full of potential.

I believe writing a bucket list is an act of optimism.

The list

Here is my bucket list until I’m 35:

  1. Finding the right red lipstick for my skin tone and hair colour. This is one of those that has been postponed many times. In theory, I love a red lip. In real life, mehhh. I’ll get there.
  2. Save money every month to pay back our mortgage.
  3. Go to Greece, specially to some Greek islands.
  4. Learn how to play Christmas songs on the piano. Or other songs. Basically, practice the piano, so it looks like I can play something.
  5. Create a workout routine that works with my lifestyle. Nothing too demanding or sophisticated.
  6. Visit the Douro region and the Gerês National Park in Portugal.
  7. Do some volunteer work.
  8. Take a course, even if it’s online. Anything goes: literature, art history, writing, photography.
  9. Learn how to cook more and better. Including oven dishes and creative ways to cook vegetables. That is, that take away most of that vegetable taste.
  10. Investigate options for whitening my teeth.
  11. Cutting down my wardrobe to things I actually like and use. I’m at that stage where it feels like I have too much stuff and nothing to wear.
  12. Learning how to use my DSLR camera. To get out of the auto mode.
  13. Write a short ebook, just for the challenge of it.
  14. Start doing Pilates again. My posture has never been better than when I took some private classes, some years ago.
  15. (Re)learn how to ride a bike. They say you never forget, but I’m afraid I did. And I want to be able to ride bikes with my kids.
  16. Have a bottle of champagne in the fridge to commemorate successes.
  17. Read more books by Portuguese authors. I’ve been reading in English a lot. Sometimes I’m embarrassed by how little I know about my native tongue’s writers.
  18. Make family photo albums regularly.
  19. Write my Grandfather’s story, including interviews with my Grandmother. Half biography, half family story.
  20. Do something that brings joy every day.
  21. Create a book club (or join one).
  22. Read the Bible.
  23. Decide what I’ll do about my white hairs. They have been popping up a lot recently.
  24. Take a photograph with the statue of Fernando Pessoa in Chiado (Lisbon).
  25. Stand up paddle. I said I would and I didn’t.
  26. Create a book or a file with my go-to recipes. To make it easier to get them, buy the stuff and use.
  27. Plant a tree. Or at least grow some herbs.
  28. Turn our home office into an office. Right now, it’s a multi-purpose space, meaning it works for almost anything except working.
  29. Create a date night. Or afternoon.
  30. Read books from my reading bucket list (more on this later).
  31. Learn 100 new words in Portuguese. Yes, it’s my native tongue, but I feel like my vocabulary is too limited. This works out to around 25 words per year, 2 per month.. Too ambitious?
  32. Pray more.
  33. Plan the week’s family meals (including snacks) on the weekend. At least most of them.
  34. Go to Iceland or Saint Petersburg. Or Namibia. Very different destinations, but they have a reasonable flight duration. They would work as less than 10-day trips. This is critical as, with the kids, we won’t be having 3-week trips in the near future.
  35. Keep the blog, write regularly and improve every year.

This is my bucket list until I’m 35 years old. I’ll find it funny to compare with what really happens 5 years from now.

What about you?

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