Breastfeeding and me: a love story

amamentação breastfeeding

Everyone has a breastfeeding story. Out of every moment related to the birth of a baby, nothing is as polemic as breastfeeding. It’s what everyone wants to know and only some of them are cheeky enough to ask. I know future moms who can make several claims about their unborn children: that they will be vegetarian, that […]

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Rushed parents, stressed children (Mário Cordeiro book review)

Mário Cordeiro pais apressados filhos stressados

Note: this post contains my free translations from the Portuguese edition of “Pais apressados, filhos stressados”, a book by Mário Cordeiro. First impressions “Pais apressados, filhos stressados” (Desassossego, 2019) seemed like the title of a lighter book, like a self-help thing. Still, it was written by Mário Cordeiro, who I find interesting. It’s a book […]

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Things that bring me joy: April 2019

coisas que me trazem alegria things that bring me joy

So I am reading “Hashtag Authentic”, by Sara Tasker. I am enjoying it more than I thought and will review it for sure. One of the exercises she proposes is about paying attention to the little everyday things that give us joy. These small moments may sometimes be absent from our photos. We may tend […]

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Good answer #1: Tina Fey

Tina Fey breakfast

Tina Fey. Source: Forbes Tina Fey gave this answer on an interview for promotion of one of her movies. Question: Eat breakfast or skip breakfast? Answer: Eat breakfast. Then when you get to work pretend that you have not eaten breakfast and request a second breakfast. Tina Fey   This is the kind of genius […]

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Summer holiday 2018: 5 things I want to do

férias de Verão summer holiday

I am almost starting my summer holiday. Which to me means Algarve. And sea, family, walks on the wet sand, zero makeup and flip-flops. It’s such a wanted time, that part of me just wants to leave. Without agenda or watch. But the other part, the part that enjoys making lists and that uses the […]

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